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As the original two-wick candle company, Gold Canyon sets the standard for scented candles that have an even burn
with no tunneling and fill a room with true-to-life fragrance.
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  • Size: Tin - 12 oz. - Up to 48 hours
  • Fragrance: Aqua Marine or Sunny Citrus

Sunny Citrus Citronella Tin Scented Candle

Sunny Citrus Citronella Tin Scented Candle - Bask in the sunshine with notes of succulent lemon, orange, and vanilla. For outdoor use only.

Long Lasting with up to 48 hours of fragrance per candle.
Strongest Scents on the market as our candles are fully scented from top to bottom to promote consistent room-filling fragrance.
Proprietary Cool Wax Blend made of the highest quality, food-grade paraffin wax that burns clean and cool so it’s safe for kids and pets.
Safety Wicks with a safety collar that self-extinguishes.
Made in the USA by hand.
Contains Citronella to help repel insects. For outdoor use only.

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